Give us a call (940-399-0337) or send us an email ( to learn more.

1- Set up a time to meet and look at your plans, lot, or brainstorm about the home you have in mind.

2- Once we have a set of plans and have gone over details about things you want and don’t want and covered all standard specifications and upgrades,we’ll put together a quote for you.

3- Most everything will have been covered prior to the quote, but at this point we can look to go up or down with certain items to meet your desired budget.

4- Sign the contract.

5- Start working on design and material selection details.

6- Line up everything with your bank or other plans for payment.

7- Multiple schedules will be created to help us all throughout the project.


9-   Permits, surveying, soil tests.

10-  Lot clearing and site work.

11-   Foundation.

12-  Framing and roofing.

13-  All Rough-In’s (electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling).

14- Insulation and drywall.

15-  Finishes.

16-  Final inspections.


18-  Warranty (One year, two year, and ten year). Learn More