Neighbors Construction has been in this area for quite some time now. We have been a part of the ups and the downs in the housing market. We have always had a passion for the work that has blessed our families and that passion continues to this day.

Melton Neighbors started in 1958 working for a contractor in Alvord Texas. In the middle of construction on a home, the general contractor had some health problems come up, so the homeowner asked Melton to finish the job. That’s when it all started. 1959 was the first year of Neighbors Construction. That makes 2019 our 60th anniversary. Not only did Melton start running his own jobs at this time, his father and mother, Lester and Louise Neighbors, joined him as some of the laborers.

Between 1975 and 1977, Melton’s sons, Randy and Danny, and a friend, Greg Endres, started working with him. At this time they were almost the full home building crew. They would prep the slab, pour the concrete, frame and deck, run the plumbing, wire the home, lay the Sheetrock, set cabinets, plumbing fixtures and light fixtures, and trim out the whole house. Things have changed since then. Now it is all about having great sub-contractors. This former way of “building it all yourself” is a huge advantage so that our sub-contractors work can be inspected by eyes who have actually done the work, and for that reason we know that we have sub-contractors that we can trust and be confident that we are getting the best of work in their particular trade.

In 1995 Randy came on board as the owner of Neighbors Construction. Melton is still involved and loves to get out and check on things around the job site, but his involvement is definitely not to the level it was in 1959. Greg is still part of the team as well. Greg will be the one putting the finishing touches when it comes to trim, doors, and many other miscellaneous items that make your house feel like the perfect home. As one can see, we have a long history of a team that knows the construction industry, and that is even the case with our sub-contractors. Many of our subs have been with us between 20 and 30 years, and that is because we know the level of excellence they will produce, and they know how we handle our relationship with them and our clients. It’s a team effort all the way around and we hope we can be the team that makes your dream home become a reality.

Since 1959 Neighbors Construction has built over 500 homes across Wise County, Denton County, Jack County, Montague County, and Cooke County. These houses have ranged from 500 square feet to over 8,000 square feet. We have also managed multiple commercial projects ranging from small remodels to 20,000 square foot church buildings. All of this business has been from our reputation through word of mouth advertising. We have just now expanded our team slightly and plan to serve new residents moving into this area. For that reason we have expanded our marketing to this website that you have found us on.

In 2016, Randy’s daughter, Natalie, married Chase Rolland. Chase started in home building with a framing crew in 2009, when he was going to school in his home state of Louisiana. Since then he has finished his bachelors degree in business management and his masters degree in project managment. He has worked as a commercial and multi-family construction project manger since 2014, and during that time completed projects such as Chick-fil-A, Mooyah Burgers Shakes and Fries, Dallas Baptist University Fitness Center, college tennis facility, multiple eight unit townhomes, multiple home remodels, and Dallas Baptist University’s Living Learning College, that will eventually house over 500 students and staff. Chase joined the Neighbors Construction team in 2018 and now gets to project manage jobs with some of the people he cares most about in this world.

We are definitely a close knit family group, but we can guarantee the level of professionalism, excellence, communication, trustworthiness, honesty, and transparency we will show you from beginning to end cannot be beat by any of our competition. There are definitely other great builders in this area, but we can say with confidence that we don’t believe there are any better than Neighbors Construction.

Meet Our Team

Randy Neighbors

Owner/General Manager

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Chase Rolland

Project Manager

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Greg Endres


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Melton Neighbors

Original Mastermind

Completely synergize resource taxing relationships via premier niche markets. Professionally cultivate one-to-one customer service with robust ideas. Dynamically innovate resource-leveling customer service for state of the art customer service.