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What to Expect During the Boyd Custom Homes Building Process?

Experts at Boyd Builders understand that for most of the people, building a home is a once in a lifetime opportunity. That is why it is a very critical moment to choose the right professionals who can be trusted with this colossal task. Furthermore, constructing a home can be a pretty daunting procedure. A good and positive attribute is that when you get the services of well experienced and proficient experts, they simplify the entire process to a great extent. Following is the process that you have to go through while constructing a home with the qualified assistance of Boyd Custom Homes.

  • The first step is to discuss the blurry image of the home that you have in your mind with the experts. They can assist you with determining what things are viable and what are not. Once it is done you can move on to decide all the specifications in order to get the final quotation.
  • Once you have accepted the quotation and signed the contract, our experts will start working on material selection and design of the house. In the meantime, you can settle things with your selected bank and ensure that availability of funds.
  • Before officially initiating the construction different schedules will be formulated so that they can assist all through the project. Construction kicks off after sorting out the schedules and other tasks such as soil tests, surveys and different permits are taken simultaneously.
  • After completing the foundation, things like roofing and framing will begin. Construction of drywalls and insulation will set in motion after the completion of electrical and plumbing work.
  • The final touches will be given and experts will conduct comprehensive inspections. Once all the examinations are completed you can shift to your home sweet home.

Custom Builders in Boyd Tx – 7 Small Features to Consider When Building a Home that Make a Big Difference

Major factors, such as location, styling and size, involved in the construction of homes are carefully considered and taken care of. However, those key features can overshadow the smaller ones that can actually make a huge difference. Seven such aspects are discussed below that will help you out in the whole home building process.

1. Power Outlets, Switches and Lights

Carefully scrutinize the location of all the switches and lights. You may find some spots, such as the pantry as well as many other locations, where the predetermined placement of switches is not very convenient. For your power outlets, give a close look to their preplanned locations especially in those premises that are part of your external house, such as driveway, garage etc.

Putting power outlets in the garage, driveway and backyard can be quite helpful in the long run. You might consider opting for some car projects, vacuuming or even install a full-fledged irrigation system in the near future. They can also be very handy during the holidays of Christmas and Halloween. Vigilantly consider all these things. Putting some extra power outlets is way better than not having the one where you might need it the most.

2. Televisions

These days, modern houses have TVs just about everywhere. It is imperative to think about all those potential locations where you or any of your family members may want to install a television. Some of the common places include bedrooms, master bathroom, game room, drawing room etc. Once you have identified all the potential TV spots make sure that you leave a cable and power outlets there.

3. Sound System

Who does not love music? And when your favorite songs come out of topnotch entertainment systems and traditional stereos then it can boost your mood and make you forget about all the fatigue once you reach home after a long day at work. It is advised to consider pre-wiring for a sound system in the backyard, media room and family room. Plus if you love to spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking different recipes, music can definitely liven up the taste of your scrumptious meals.

4. Irrigation System

Installation of an irrigation system after the completion of your home, when the grass has already well grown, can be enormously troubling. The whole process might disturb the grass beds if not handled carefully. That is why adding such mechanism is always better when the home is being constructed since it will save you from a great deal of an unnecessary mess.

5. Placement of Water Heater

When it comes to finding a perfect spot to place your water heater it is better to consult the builders. The reason behind it is that professionals have good experience of dealing with these things. They can guide you in a better way regarding which is the best place to install it. However, try to put water heaters in your attic instead of the garage. This way you will be able to save plenty of space.

6. Direction of Door Swing

Most of the people forget to consider the direction in which doors of different rooms or places open or close. Disoriented door opening or closing direction can lead to a considerable amount of hassle. So be careful about it!

7. Depth of Shelves

Shelves constructed in the areas like closets and pantry generally have the depth of around eleven to twelve inches. If you think that it is not enough and you might need deeper shelves, get in touch with the builders and ask them to extend shelves and closets by two to three inches to get some extra utility.

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